Saturday, November 26, 2011

Missing In Action

Wow, I have been MIA for a lot longer than I thought I was. Sincere apologies. It seems that I have been bogged down in the little things in life lately. I got a promotion and have been doing a hybrid role until my replacement starts on Monday (woo!) so fingers crossed things get a little more sane after that.

I have also been eBaying like crazy again, so time consuming but so worth it since it i has helped me put some more cash towards my Europe fund. I only have 3 and a half weeks until I leave to visit my parents in Paris. So excited! It feels fantastic to get rid of a lot of items in my wardrobe that continually made me feel guilty for not wearing them. Plus it is great to be able to concentrate on creating a more chic and fuss-free wardrobe which is where my style is evolving towards. If I could live in my Zara silk shirt (same as the fourth image from the bottom), skinny jeans, heels and blazer then I would!

I was going to head out to either St Kilda or South Yarra tonight but the weather in Melbourne is horrible, so staying at home watching The Bourne Identity (my favourite) won. My doggie is snuggling up to me and we're listening to the rain outside. Bliss.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

02.11. Vera Wang Goes Black

As someone who is trying to ditch their addiction to wearing all black and embrace colour for summer, the celebration of these wedding dresses by Vera Wang is probably a huge step backwards. Oh well, they are amazing! I think the bottom two are my favourite out of them all. Now all I need is a groom, some special guests and a macabre venue.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

02.11. Latest Purchases

I got very lucky this weekend and ended up coming home with a fair few purchases! First of all I went to DFO Moorabin to visit the Peter Alexander store there as there are always great discounts!

Everything in store was an additional 30% off and as all of these items were already reduced, I got them for an absolute steal! If you love Peter Alexander but hate paying high prices for sleepwear then definitely make sure you visit the outlet store.
My next stop was Chadstone.
 Magenta coloured loafers from Aldo. I'm not a flat kind of girl, I usually wear heels every single day but as my back is starting to hurt more often I need to make compromises with myself. I am trying to wear flats at least a few days a week now.
 Keeping on my new obsession with magenta, I got some coloured jeans from Witchery. Obviously I won't be wearing them with my new shoes.They had a special offer on at Witchery so I ended up getting the Vanilla room fragrance for an extra $5.
 I planned to spend the rest of the weekend in bed with some trash tv viewing so I stopped by JB HIFI and added to my growing collection. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is shameful viewing, but I absolutely love it!
A close up of my new Witchery top. I absolutely love the detailing! Unfortunately as it was on sale it wasn't included in the special deal but I just had to have it any way!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

01.11.Hello November

Hello November! Second last month of 2011, so please be good! This also means that I need to start increasing my savings for Europe next month! My target is to raise another $2,000 and I went shopping crazy this weekend so now I need to do a massive eBay session of old stuff to raise some more cash. Luckily I did quite well on the Melbourne Cup today and won some money on Dunaden and Under The Eiffel, only $100 but every little bit counts! I will upload my new purchases when I get around to photographing them. Hope everyone else got lucky today!

Source: Slutfiscated/TheWhiteIsland/Wildfox