Saturday, November 26, 2011

Missing In Action

Wow, I have been MIA for a lot longer than I thought I was. Sincere apologies. It seems that I have been bogged down in the little things in life lately. I got a promotion and have been doing a hybrid role until my replacement starts on Monday (woo!) so fingers crossed things get a little more sane after that.

I have also been eBaying like crazy again, so time consuming but so worth it since it i has helped me put some more cash towards my Europe fund. I only have 3 and a half weeks until I leave to visit my parents in Paris. So excited! It feels fantastic to get rid of a lot of items in my wardrobe that continually made me feel guilty for not wearing them. Plus it is great to be able to concentrate on creating a more chic and fuss-free wardrobe which is where my style is evolving towards. If I could live in my Zara silk shirt (same as the fourth image from the bottom), skinny jeans, heels and blazer then I would!

I was going to head out to either St Kilda or South Yarra tonight but the weather in Melbourne is horrible, so staying at home watching The Bourne Identity (my favourite) won. My doggie is snuggling up to me and we're listening to the rain outside. Bliss.


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