Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I spent most of today not really feeling like myself.. it has been a little odd but I suppose we all have days like that though! I have a huge desire to go and shop up a storm lately, there are so many things I am lusting after. I must be good though! There is so much work still to do on my wardrobe and a million samples at work that I want to buy, not to mention that my next trip to Europe is only 10 weeks away! I can't believe how quickly it is creeping up, it feels like I only got back from my last trip in July a few weeks ago. My credit card is now safely tucked away where I cannot get to it for impulse buys, lets hope it stays there!

I am spending the rest of my evening watching Amelie - magnifique movie! I have three more French films to watch as I have just rediscovered the 'world cinema' section of my local Blockbuster.

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