Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ARTICLE: Luxury Brands Must Wake Up

I read a fantastic article today on the need for luxury brands to wake up and start thinking about the ethical and environmental consequences of their operations. You can read it online here at the Guardian website.  Obviously to be wholly 'ethical and environmentally' friendly, we'd all be walking around in hemp sacks and that is unlikely to happen.. EVER (pray everyone) but I think in this day and age where trends change faster than you can blink you eye, and wardrobes are stockpiled with cheap 'throwaway' clothing, its important that we educate ourselves about what impact we're having on the environment. As Gok Kwan would say - BUY LESS, WEAR MORE! 

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  1. So true, I am definitely over fast fashion. I always try to save up for craftsmanship, but it's disheartening when designer is disappointing, like when I found my Acne blouse was poly and made in China.

    Thanks for the article share!