Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ultimate List: #1 Burberry Trench

1. Burberry Trench Coat

I believe every lady who loves classic fashion needs a beige or black coloured trench coat, and you can't get more classic than an original Burberry! I doubt I'll be buying one in the next few years as I have a black and a beige one from Zara so I'll wear them until they die, but I already know what I will be replacing them with.

Burberry is one of my favourite brands of all time. As you know I love brands with a lot of history, and since its British it gives me an excuse to love it even more. The company has really turned itself around in the last five years thank goodness, and is also an amazing example of how social networking can really work for fashion labels, even in the luxury market. Visit their website dedicated solely to the iconic trench - Art of The Trench for more information and lots of inspiring images of other trench lovers!

Source: Art of the Trench

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