Thursday, September 15, 2011


I just read a good article on The New York Times website about 'the paradox of the modern runway' - we have so much information thrown at us about a brand or the designer, but rarely does anyone notice or appreciate the details or work behind the items, especially when models strut down a catwalk at the same pace of an F1 car. Just another sad reminder that less people are appreciating quality craftsmanship these days.

On another note, I received my boots and my leather pants earlier this week. I am absolutely in love with the boots and will post some photos tonight. The leather pants, on the other hand, complete waste of money! I might eBay them and see if anyone will bite but they just made my bum looks so flat and gaped at the waist band. They'd probably be alright with some altering but I am a bit over them already!

Source: Tumblr, Theyallhateus, TheNewYorkTimes

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