Thursday, September 22, 2011


Once again, I am a terrible blogger! In my defense, I've had a bit of a horrible week including someone crashing in to my car, burning the inside of my wrist on a sandwich press at work and managing to get a virus on my work computer and losing everything.. oops!  I had so many photos saved to post as well, but on the bright side, its meant I've been a bit more productive at work so not all bad! They say bad luck comes in threes so lets hope thats the end of it!

The first image is from blogger Ulrikke Lund, one of my all time favourite bloggers - her outfits are amazing, and as she is same height and build as me so its always nice to see how petite girls work trends.

How cool are the framed shopping bags in the wardrobe image? I might have to start holding on to the bags of all my important purchases and do that - such personal wall art! Also, does anyone have any good recommendations for face self-tanners? I'm losing my latest European glow and need something easy to apply and preferable one that won't make me look like an oompa loompa!

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